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pt. duta makmur industri email : dutamakmur@ cbn.net.id
PT. DUTA MAKMUR INDUSTRI email : dutamakmur@ cbn.net.id
PT. DUTA MAKMUR INDUSTRI email : dutamakmur@ cbn.net.id
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PT. DUTA MAKMUR INDUSTRI email : dutamakmur@ cbn.net.id

PT. DUTA MAKMUR INDUSTRI DISTRIBUTOR SIEMENS MOTOR & FLENDER COUPLING - GEARBOX Perkantoran Gading Bukit Indah Blok TB No. 20 Kelapa Gading Jakarta Utara Telp: 021-29451199, 021-29451200/ 05 Fax : 021-29451208 Email : dutamakmur@ cbn.net.id Web : dutamakmur.com attn : winda-siswo-mulyanto Perusahaan yang akan menjadi distributor terkemuka atau kualitas transmisi daya mekanik & produk motor listrik. Sepanjang tahun ini, kita telah didedikasikan untuk memecahkan masalah industri kami didukung oleh insinyur sangat terampil kami penjualan dan perwakilan layanan pelanggan terlatih memberikan bantuan teknis kepada cuxtomers kami, perusahaan kami akan selalu berusaha untuk menjadi ramah, membantu, berpengetahuan, dan afficient. Didukung oleh kepala ISO terkemuka dari luar negeri. Kami telah maintaned tuas tertinggi pengetahuan yang semua produk kami. SIEMENS FLENDER PRODUCT : FLENDER Gear units FLENDER Couplings MOTOX Geared motors SIMOGEAR Geared motors SIMOTICS Electric motors HIMMEL Geared motors You are here: Products | FLENDER couplings overview FLENDER Couplings As the worldwide largest manufacturer of mechanical couplings, with more than 80 years of experience, Siemens ensures that machine shafts are safely connected in almost all industrial sectors – worldwide – Available with PT DUTA MAKMUR The high-quality industrial couplings are very well suitable for the use in many fields of application, many of them even in potentially explosive atmospheres. The product range covers couplings of a torque range from 10 up to 10, 000, 000 Nm. Your benefits FLENDER couplings stand for highest reliability, low maintenance, and low investment and lifecycle costs. Even as individually adapted solutions they are convincing owing to highest product quality and long service life. FLENDER Torsionally rigid couplings ZAPEX gear couplings are particularly suitable for rough operating conditions as occur, for example, in metallurgical engineering or in the cement industry. In addition, ZAPEX couplings stand out due to their power capacity combined with compact design. ARPEX all-steel couplings are without circumferential backlash, suitable for high ambient temperatures, and especially for machines which must be operated with high precision. Examples are papermaking and printing machines. Your benefits Because of a multitude of series and sizes, drives with low, average, and high powers are covered and special customer requirements can be met ARPEX all-steel couplings are independent of direction of rotation ( suitable for reversing operation) FLENDER Gear coupling ZAPEX ZW FLENDER Gear coupling ZAPEX ZW . FLENDER Gear coupling ZAPEX ZN FLENDER Gear coupling ZAPEX ZN FLENDER All-steel coupling ARPEX FLENDER All-steel coupling ARPEX FLENDER Flexible couplings Flexible FLENDER couplings are suitable for plug-in assembly and are easy to mount. The flexible elements compensate shaft misalignments and absorb moderate shock loads of motor or driven machine. Standard couplings of a wide modular design range and application-related couplings in special design cover a multitude of applications. Your benefits Reliable transmission of torque in case of shaft misalignment with low restoring forces Suitable for vertical mounting position Electrically insulating series are also available Low degree of maintenance Many series and sizes available ex stock at short term Also available for use in potentially explosive atmospheres ( acc. to 94/ 9/ EC) FLENDER Pin coupling N-EUPEX FLENDER Pin coupling N-EUPEX
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